Sydney: April 19

Public Engagement in City Design and Planning: Barriers, Opportunities and Ideas Workshop

Darlington Centre, University of Sydney

Peter Phibbs, Urban and Regional Planning, FADP and Director, Henry Halloran Trust

‘Public Engagement in City Design and Planning: Barriers, Opportunities and Ideas’ will further explore the questions  covered in the April 18 panel discussion with invited stakeholders including strategic planners from a range of Australian cities. Through a series of group processes, invited participants will develop a document discussing these questions with a view to stimulating debate and providing some ideas for Australian planners and urban practitioners. The final document will be published by the Henry Halloran Trust.

John Aspinall, Urbaine Pty Ltd
Stephanie Barker, Senior Consultant, ae design partnership
Gary Beasley, Planner
Michael Bounds, Urban Research Centre, UWS
Amy Cropley, Architect and Urban Designer
Corinne Fisher, Better Planning Network
Barry Millwood, Strategic Planner, Liverpool Council
Rod Simpson, Urban Design Program, FADP and Principal, simpson+wilson
Aoife Wynter, NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure

Workshop Background Paper
Reference Paper

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