Rio de Janeiro: March 21

Participatory processes and architectural education: limits and opportunities

School of Architecture and Urbanism
Graduate Program in Architecture, FAU

Av. Pedro Calmon 550 room 445 / 21941-901 Rio de Janeiro RJ
Tel: 21-25981661

Vera Tangari, Director, Program in Urbanism (Pro-Urbe)

The session will focus on the relationship between experiences with participatory processes and architectural education. Research and professional projects will be presented as selected case studies in different countries and communities, and critically explore the opportunities and limitations of participatory processes.

Jonathas Magalhães Pereira da Silva, PUC Campinas
Gerônimo Leitão, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro-UFF
Luiz Carlos Toledo, M&T Arquitetura e Engenharia Ltda
Anna Rubbo, Global Studio and Columbia University

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