Ann Arbor: October 4

Exhibition ‘Floor Talk’ and Q&A

Sunday October 4, 2015

Join Anna Rubbo and Sina Esteky to dig into the exhibition and to hear first-hand experience of Global Studio. They look forward to questions and learning about your work.

Anna Rubbo  is the founder of Global Studio, a people-centered action research project that helps urban professionals work effectively with the urban poor.

Sina Esteky is a doctoral candidate in Business Administration (Marketing) and Architecture (Design Studies) at the University of Michigan. His research draws on literature in cognitive and social psychology, marketing and design studies; utilizing behavioral experimentation, physiological measurements and big data analysis to identify links between sensory/design elements and judgments and decision-making. In 2007, he participated in Global Studio Johannesburg where he initiated a cost-effective social diffusion model focusing on grassroots development efforts in education and entrepreneurship in underdeveloped countries.

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