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Due to a hosting problem the Global Studio site is no longer functioning. However, we will rebuild the site as soon as we can to ensure that the contribution of  the many local communities and over 600 students, educators and professionals from 35 countries, 66 universities and 11 disciplines to Global Studio Istanbul (2005), Vancouver (2006), Johannesburg (2007, 08, 09) and Bhopal (2012) remains accessible.

In the meantime we will host Global Studio on this site – People Building Better Cities. PBBC is a Global Studio- CSUD project which began in February 2013. To date the PBBC exhibition has been shown in 13 cities and nine countries. To see PBBC 2013-14 cities click on the heading at the top of this page.

In each city there has been a public program to explore issues that PBBC raises, but from a local perspective. In this way key PBBC themes such as inequality, population and slums, climate change, education and civic engagement in urban decision making – and the ways these are approached-  have been canvassed around the world.  Participatory design and planning – and the ways in which communities can come together to inspire new  ideas for public and other space – has been a theme throughout.

PBBC shows the Global Studio philosophy, principles and priorities and includes 20 possible actions that can help  make cities more equitable and improve the lives of the urban poor.  Work carried out in Johannesburg 2007-09 is on display, illustrating the transition from the academic (Global Studio)- community (Diepsloot) collaboration from 2007 to 2009 to the Diepsloot community –led development with support from Jennifer van den Bussche and Sticky Situations. Three Bhopal projects are shown in detail.

See PBBC panels in English.

If you are looking for Global Studio published resources you will find many of them on the PBBC Resource Platform. Global Studio films since 2005 are listed below.

We would be pleased to see you at the Global Studio events at the UIA Congress in Durban (August 3-7).  We will show  the PBBC exhibition and host sessions on “Addressing informality and poverty through design education and practice”. We will also workshop a Post 2014 Design  and Planning Action Plan.

Speakers will include former GS ers Paul Pholeros, Healthabitat, Helena Sandman and Saija Hollmen, Ukumbi.

Anna Rubbo, Global Studio

Global Studio Films

Global Studio Istanbul (2005)

SOUTH AFRICA (2007-09)
New Mindsets (2007)

Small Change, Big Difference (2007)
A student made film about insulating shacks

SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) (2007)

Academic Acupuncture (2008)

Diep Salute (2009)
A student film made to promote hip hop artists

INDIA (2012)
Short films, interviews with speakers at the GS international conference ‘Reimagining Inclusive Urbanization’; interviews with GS participants

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