August 3rd through August 7th

CONGRESS Theme: Architecture Otherwhere

CONGRESS Sub-themes: Resilience, Ecology, Values


PBBC @ UIA Durban postcard
Global Studio PROGRAM@UIA
Post 2015 Workshop

Global Studio is an invited UIA Durban program partner. Anna Rubbo, Jennifer van den Bussche and Rodney Harber will jointly host the PBBC exhibition and sessions on “Addressing Informality and or Poverty through Design Education and Practice”. Sessions will take place in MR 12AB, ICC. People Building Better Cities will be on display in the Trade Exhibition Centre, Stand 1A5.

Peter Rich will give the opening talk on Monday August 4 at the 11am. Other speakers include former GS ‘ers Paul Pholeros, Healthabitat and Saija Hollmen, Ukumbi. Diepsloot Arts and Culture Network (DACN) and WASSUP delegates include Lucky Nkali, Papi Sathekge, Bernard Maluauzi, Lerato Monama and Junitha Mohlogo Kgatla. Thabo Mopasi will represent Alexandra.

Join Anna Rubbo, Jennifer van den Bussche, Rodney Harber, Peter Rich, Paul Pholeros, Saija Hollmen and DACN for the opening of People Building Better Cities on Monday August 3, 6.0-6.45

As part of the focus area, on Tuesday August 5 (2.0- 4.0) and Wednesday August 6 (2.0-4.0),  and using a workshop format, we will develop a Post 2015 Design and Planning Action Plan. Each workshop will begin with short ‘stories’ or ‘vignettes’ by diverse speakers, followed by small group ideas sessions, ending with debate on the best ideas. The best ideas from each of the two workshops will be consolidated into a 10-12 point plan. The final Action Plan will be presented in the PBBC stand (1A5) from 6.0-6.45, for review and ratification.

Global Studio has completed almost a decade of work in support of the UN Millennium Development Goals (and specifically Improving the Lives of Slum Dwellers). Our emphasis has been the development of skills in participatory design and planning in students, educators professionals and communities. 2015 will see the introduction of the MDGs successor, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In Durban  we aim to draw on the collective wisdom, knowledge, creativity  and expertise of UIA attendees to develop a blue print that may contribute to much needed curricula (and practice) reform. We will make the collectively developed Post 2015 Action Plan available to the UIA and UN Habitat, and present it for consideration at Habitat 111 and SDG debates. Delegates representing the urban poor will take part in this process: as story tellers and participants in the small groups. They will contribute to framing the Plan’s key points to ensure a community perspective.

In the lead up to UIA we recommend  UN Habitat’s Urban Lecture Series as a way to think broadly about the issues Global Studio wishes to engage.

We also recommend  The Lauren Manifesto for a Humane Design Culture and some of Global Studio’s films.


Free downloads during UIA

Bring a USB and download:
Housing for Health, World Habitat Award report in English or Spanish, 2014
Access and Mobility in Cities – The first ten years of the Future Urban Transport Programme, Thynell, M. and Wolmar, C. (eds), VREF 2014


Click on Architectural Theory Review to download:
Volume 15:1, Rubbo, A., “Towards equality, social inclusion and human development in design education: the case of Global Studio 2005-2008”
Volume 16:3, Stickells, L., “The Right to the City: Rethinking Architecture’s Social Significance”

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UIA Partners
Anna Rubbo, Global Studio – CSUD, New York, USA
Jennifer van den Bussche, Sticky Situations, Johannesburg, SA
Rodney Harber, architect, Durban, SA and UIA host/convener
Devangi Ramakrishnan, Urban Design Collective, Pondicherry, India

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