Christchurch: August 26

Panel Discussion

Wednesday August 26, 2015

What is the future for inclusive urbanisation in Christchurch over the next 10 years? Who will be involved, who will be excluded?

The panel  will  consider a major question: how can we apply the lessons and challenge of the People Building Better Cities exhibition to our own city and communities? Panelists have different perspectives and experiences and will address some key questions about the future for inclusive urbanisation in Christchurch over the next 10 years.

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Ciaran Fox, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Bronwyn Hayward, Political Science, University of Christchurch
Sara Templeton, Hagley /Ferrymead Community Board
Debbie Tikao, Matapopore Charitable Trust

Jessica Halliday, Te Pūtahi Centre for Architecture and City Making

Ciaran Fox has 20 years experience in health promotion, community development, youth health, arts advocacy, events and social marketing. He has been with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand since 2008 and specialises in the areas of positive mental health, wellbeing, social marketing and education. He is currently working on the award-winning All Right? Campaign. Ciaran is a Gap Filler Trust board member.

Bronwyn Hayward is Head of Department of Political Science at UC, her New Zealand and international research focuses on democracy in times of change, with a particular emphasis on youth, urbanization and environmental change. Bronwyn a co-researcher at the University of Oslo on the Voices of the Future project and a Senior Visiting Fellow with the UK ESRC funded Sustainable Lives Research Group (University of Surrey).

Sara Templeton is in her first term as Chair of the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board. After the February 2011 earthquake she sold her small eco-business to concentrate on earthquake recovery in her local community. As a member of the Heathcote Village Project she was involved in many grassroots projects including the Epicentre@Heathcote community-visioning day. Sara brings this community focus to her role and is working to see a more participatory planning approach used in community governance.

Debbie Tikao is currently the General Manager of Matapopore Charitable Trust. Matapopore have been established by Ngāi Tūāhuriri to ensure the values and aspirations of Ngāi Tūāhuriri / Ngāi Tahu are realised within the rebuild of the central area of Christchurch. Debbie is an NZILA Registered Landscape Architect with 18 years experience in the design of the public realm, commercial and institutional environments.

Jessica Halliday is the Co-Director of Te Pūtahi – Christchurch Centre for architecture and city-making. She is the Director of Te Pūtahi’s major event, FESTA, Festival of Transitional Architecture (now biennial and next presented in 21-24 October 2016). Jessica has a PhD in art history and a passion for public engagement and participation in architecture and urbanism.

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